HeRMeS – Integrated Human Resource Management System

Introducing HeRMeS®, the comprehensive human resource management system designed to help organizations achieve their human capital goals quickly and efficiently. HeRMeS® offers a flexible, modular, and highly efficient system for managing human resources throughout the entire management cycle. With intuitive features, accurate reporting, and the ability to adapt quickly to dynamic business and legislative requirements, HeRMeS® is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to streamline their HR processes.

Automate your HR processes

Say goodbye to manual HR processes and automate routine tasks with HeRMeS®. You can now achieve results faster and devote your time to important and strategic tasks.

Self-Service for Your Employees

HeRMeS® offers quick and easy access to the necessary work-related information anytime, anywhere. Your employees can confidently perform their daily tasks with access to digital HR services.

Security for your data

Rest assured that personal and work-related data are stored and processed securely, accurately, and reliably. HeRMeS® offers the best practice, Bulgarian legislation, and GDPR compliant access control management.


For Managers

  • Access to detailed information about your team anytime, anywhere.
  • Access to detailed information about your team anytime, anywhere.

For Employees

  • Improved employee experience by providing access to digital HR services.
  • Instant access to personal data and faster coordination of different requests.
  • Transparency in the implementation of company policies.

For HR experts

  • Significantly reduced processing time for routine HR tasks.
  • Increase engagement and motivation of employees and improve your employer brand.
  • Manage your HR strategy effectively based on data and analysis.

Business Processes in HeRMeS

HeRMeS® offers modules for digitizing many business processes related to human resource management. Explore the available tools and see how they can be useful to you. Join HeRMeS® today for an improved HR experience.

Management of the organisation and employees

Regardless of the type of your organization, business, size, and ownership, HeRMeS will offer you a completely new approach to…

Recruitment made easy

Finding the right candidate for your company just got easier with HeRMeS. Our efficient selection module helps you identify, screen,…

Payment structures

With HeRMeS, you can create custom pay models that align with your organization’s business goals and activities. Securely and accurately…

Management of working time

With HeRMeS, you have complete control over your employees’ working. Our innovative software provides you with everything you need to…

Management of employee training

With HeRMeS, managing employee training has never been easier. The platform provides a streamlined process for planning, organizing, and monitoring…

Assessment and Development

Unlock the full potential of your employees with HeRMeS. Our assessment and development tools allow you to automate and streamline…

Managing the processing of personal data

HeRMeS takes the security of employees’ personal data very seriously. With the highest security standards already in place, the system…

Digital employee dossier

With HeRMeS Digital Employee File, you can streamline your HR document management and simplify your workflow. Say goodbye to the…

Integrated data exchange with other business systems

HeRMeS is your one-stop solution for HR management, and our integrated data exchange feature is just one example of our…


Maximizing the potential of your HR department starts with a successful implementation of the HeRMeS system, tailored to your specific business processes. Our implementation team follows the best practices of PMI project management methodology, ensuring seamless integration into your organization.


With our dedicated support team providing timely updates, end-user consultations, and accurate coverage of legislative changes, you can be assured that your system is always up-to-date.


Our structured and in-depth user training guarantees that you understand the system’s logic, functions, and benefits, leading to increased efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

HeRMeS eXpress for Small and Medium Businesses

Are you looking for an appropriate human capital management solution for your small and medium-sized business? Find out more about our innovative cloud solution offered as a subscription service under the name HeRMeS eXpress.

Questions & Answers

The system automates complex business processes in human resource management and is suitable for any organisation with multiple offices and locations, those with numerous staff and specific requirements.

The cost of HeRMeS depends on the number of employees in your company as well as the selected deployment modules. Contact us for a specific price offer.

The HeRMeS system has no restrictions on the number of employees, users, legal entities, organizational entities. Our largest client has over 8,000 employees and divisions in each district city.

Yes, HeRMeS processes a large amount of data and requires an Oracle database license. The type of licensing depends on the desired configuration of modules. In addition, we recommend working with a licensed Microsoft Office package.

Yes, for companies that do not want to invest in building and maintaining their own technology infrastructure, we offer a full range of hosting services in our own data center. Contact us for more information.

Each HeRMeS implementation process goes through the phases of analysis, installation, settings, testing and user training, following a pre-agreed schedule. Typically, implementation takes between 3 and 9 months, depending on the scope of the project.

Yes, this is a distinctive feature of the system, which makes it an extremely flexible and adaptable human resource management tool. In the process of implementation, we specify your specific settings requirements and implement exactly them in HeRMeS.

Of course, the system is built on a modular basis and allows the gradual implementation and subsequent upgrade according to your readiness and need. After initial implementation, you can request new licenses for additional modules at any time or change already set functions by sending us a Change Request.

Yes, HeRMeS is not an isolated business system closed only in the HR department. Hermes can exchange data with a variety of other systems used by the organisation. Which of them we already have experience with, you can learn here.