Human Resourses Management

If human resource management is of utmost importance to your organization TechnoLogica has been working tirelessly for the last 25 years to develop and enhance HR solutions that are aligned with the latest trends. Our solutions provide unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and reliability to the HR function Whether you’re a corporate client, a small or medium-sized business, or need payroll outsourcing services, we have the perfect solution for your human resource management needs.

Information System HeRMeS

HeRMeS is a versatile information system that provides integrated human resource management solutions to corporate clients.It covers every aspect of HR functions within a company, making it a comprehensive and adaptable tool. If you’re looking for a contemporary, dependable, and user-friendly HR solution, HeRMeS is the ideal choice for your organization.

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The payroll outsourcing service provided by Technologica is recognized for the team’s uncompromising professionalism, high technological level, and ethical conduct. When you partner with Technologica, you can offer your employees a variety of HR services through a user-friendly self-service portal, resulting in an enhanced employer brand and a more engaged workforce.

HeRMeS for small and medium-sized companies

“HeRMeS eXpress is a cloud version of HeRMeS, designed for small and medium-sized companies. With an optimized interface and incorporating the best practices from HeRMeS, it provides a fast start and easy-to-use functionality at an affordable price. Thanks to the intuitive Self-Service portal, HeRMeS eXpress transforms business processes and creates a unique user experience for employees.”

Our Advantages


For a quarter of a century, we have been developing and implementing automated procedures for human resources management in the largest employers in Bulgaria.


Throughout the entire existence of the HeRMeS human resources management system, there has not been a single implementation project that was a failure.


Quality is our top priority in every project. We always keep our standards high and never make compromises with the delivarables.


Technologica has the largest and most experienced team in Bulgaria for automating human resources management processes.


HeRMes is a flexible parameterizable system that can be effective for companies of different sizes from the corporate and public sectors.


Our team is dedicated to delivering prompt, expert, and timely assistance for HeRMes, guaranteeing seamless performance with the system.