Payroll outsourcing service from TechnoLogica

If you are looking for a reliable partner who makes quality service their mission and want to enrich your HR services, simplify the administrative process, and provide a positive employee experience, TechnoLogica is the right choice for you.

Here’s why you should choose us:

Expertise and Experience

With over 25 years of experience and a team of professionals with an average tenure of 8 years, TechnoLogica has the expertise to support you in complying with current legislative requirements and best practices.

Data Security

TechnoLogica is certified for ISO 9001, 20001, 27001, and guarantees the processing of personal data according to the best practices and business standards. Our tested model ensures secure access levels and auditing of user actions.


We understand that every client is unique, which is why we offer a customizable combination of services and access to HeRMeS modules. Our outsourcing services are adaptable to your needs and priorities, whether your business is growing or facing unexpected challenges.


TechnoLogica offers a unique payroll outsourcing service for compensation calculations, complemented by highly effective tools for policy and rule management and enforcement through HeRMeS Self-Service modules. You get to choose which modules to use depending on your current needs. Partner with TechnoLogica for reliable, flexible, and secure outsourcing services that simplify your HR processes and enhance your employees’ experience.

HeRMeS eXpress for Small and Medium Businesses

Are you looking for an appropriate human capital management solution for your small and medium-sized business? Find out more about our innovative cloud solution offered as a subscription service under the name HeRMeS eXpress.

Questions & Answers

The collaboration with the client is organised through detailed procedures and “Matrix of Responsibility” and “Matrix of Communications.” The first describes the activities of the remuneration calculation process, the responsibilities of the participants in the different implementation and control phases, as well as the deadlines for implementation by both parties. The “Matrix of Communications” describes the way of communication at the various stages of the remuneration calculation process, the responsible persons on both sides, and their duties at each stage.

TechnoLogica offers several options for exchanging information with the client, including a procedure where the client submits the necessary information in the form of files on an agreed schedule. Another option is to use the possibilities for FTP access to a particular server, where the generated files are saved directly by the client and by TechnoLogica without having to send confidential information through other channels. The third option is for the client to use the appropriate HeRMeS® eXpress modules to enter the information about their employees to be used to calculate their remuneration.

TechnoLogica’s main priority is providing quality services within agreed deadlines. The calculation of remuneration is a highly responsible task that requires great precision. TechnoLogica has developed a procedure, part of the quality management system, certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 27001, as well as applies the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 for the processing of personal data.

The human resource management system HeRMeS® automates various processes and procedures such as selection, administration, evaluation, training, continuity planning, analysis, budgets, schedules, and more. Many of them also include self-service procedures for managers and employees, such as leave approvals, information for managers and employees, surveys, etc. Customers of payroll outsourcing services have the option to choose which of these procedures to use.

Training is provided for users who will use different modules or self-service procedures from HeRMeS®, and the appropriate form of training is agreed in advance with the client.

No special hardware or additional licenses are required other than those used for daily work. The recommended requirements for using HeRMeS Self-Service modules are specific desktop and mobile operating systems and browsers.

1. For Desktop operating systems and browsers:

  • Windows: current versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge plus Microsoft Internet Explorer 11;
  • Mac OS: current versions of Apple Safari and Google Chrome.

2. For mobile operating systems and browsers:

  • Apple iOS 11 (or later) with Apple Safari’s current browser;
  • Google Android 7 (or higher) with the current Google Chrome browser;
  • Microsoft Surface tablets with each supported desktop browser.

TechnoLogica takes full responsibility for all new versions, amendments, and extensions to the software, including when there are changes in legislation. Any changes to HeRMeS® shall be made in due time so that they are available and can be used before their entry into force.