Technologies of the future for Bulgarian enterprises

We want to be the technological leaders who help Bulgarian enterprises take advantage of new technologies as quickly as possible to gain an advantage over their competitors. We offer solutions to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the Bulgarian industry – engineering 3D design and digitized production. We implement technologies from the future in real productions in Bulgaria – digital twins, robotization and automation of work processes. TechnoLogica is a preferred company of the Bulgarian industry also because of its products that take care of human resources, warehouse stocks, business process management, security of information resources, construction of data warehouses and the possibilities for data analysis.


Today everyone is talking about Industry 4.0. We enable you to digitize your business and increase the efficiency of your work, changing the way your teams, partners, suppliers and customers interact – thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud platform. TechnoLogica, through its 3D solution center DiTra, offers its customers 3D printers and mobile 3D scanners that will greatly facilitate the work of engineering teams.

Products and services


We develop and implement IT solutions for the specific needs of each client, using innovative technologies. We maintain one of the largest and most experienced teams of specialists in Bulgaria who work on the client’s assignment.

The human resource management software HeRMeS has been on the market since 1996 and offers an integrated solution for all personnel processes – selection, appointments, absences, rewards, evaluation, training. It is used by all telecoms in our country, the largest banks and a number of government departments.

Security solutions

TechnoLogica’s cyber security team is among the best not only in Bulgaria, but also in the world. It is increasingly in demand by customers who want to be sure that their computers are impenetrable to malicious attacks.

Personal data protection and GDPR

Using professional services for GDPR compliance will save you time and limit the risk of data breaches and regulatory fines. We also conduct training for your employees.

IT infrastructure

We are the partner that will help you build, upgrade and modernize your IT infrastructure and synchronize it with your company’s vision. The TechnoLogica team is qualified in planning, building and maintaining complete IT infrastructure solutions as well as individual components.

Data warehouse and business intelligence

TechnoLogica has extensive experience in building data warehouses, which are upgraded with business intelligence tools for extracting different types and volumes of data for the purpose of analysis and making quick and adequate decisions.

Project management

Good and professional project management helps businesses save time and money, yes, improve internal communication and make the right decisions. We apply modern established project management standards.

HeRMeS eXpress is a web-based human resource management solution for small and medium-sized organizations. It was created by TechnoLogica based on its 25 years of experience in the development and implementation of human resource management software for large companies. HeRMeS eXpress offers convenient Self Servces procedures that are accessible from any device (computer, smartphone or tablet) at any time.


In our expert work, we apply the established TOGAF international methodology for a comprehensive analysis of the organizational architecture. To avoid the risk of choosing an inappropriate software product that will not produce the desired result, it is important to start with a business analysis. The analysis will help define the requirements for IT systems in their depth and detail.