DiTra, the CAD/CAM center of TechnoLogica, has been a valuable assistant to Bulgarian industrial enterprises for three decades. Its team implements complex solutions for 3D design, manufacturing and overall product lifecycle management. With its assistance such solutions have been implemented in over 600 industrial companies. Among them are manufacturers of machines and equipment for the food and chemical industries, producers of electric motors, hoists, cranes, tool equipment, mechatronics, etc.

Engineering design software

Only two years after its release on the market, DiTra makes the leading 3D CAD system SolidWorks available to Bulgarian engineering teams. Since then, its experts have continuously helped them utilize its powerful functionality for design of parts and assemblies, generating of drawing documentation, freeform modeling, design of sheet metal products, welded structures, and tooling, as well as its built-in engineering simulation capabilities.

3D printers and 3D scanners

Just two years after the release of the first Strаtаѕуѕ FDM rapid prototyping machine on the market, it was presented at the TechnoLogica stand at the Plovdiv fair in 1996. Now dozens of 3D printers of the leading manufacturer are working for the Bulgarian industry. They create parts from materials with different valuable properties – high-quality thermoplastics for building accurate, strong and reliable parts, as well as polymers for precision parts with complex geometry and diverse colors. TechnoLogica supplies the Bulgarian industry with the latest generation of Creaform handheld laser 3D scanners, designed for inspection and reverse engineering.

Programming of NC machines and robots

DiTra provides integrated solutions for programing of metal-cutting NC machines, enabling dozens of companies fully to utilize the capacity of their machine parks. They are based on CAMWorks – one of the most intelligent and innovative CAM systems. The DiTra team also made the first implementations of Eureka – a leading software for virtual machine simulation and programming of industrial robots.



The DiTra team provides constant support for users in the implementation, training and maintenance of the owned products. It permanently maintains a maximum level of certification and annually receives recognition for this from the company’s international partners.


DiTra has always been close to its customers in solving their specific problems, regardless of whether they were related to engineering design processes, digital machine programming or the overall creation, management and use of production information.


Hundreds of engineering teams effectively use the solutions supplied by DiTra to create, manufacture and develop their innovative products. For many of them, this is a basic prerequisite to achieve and maintain a high competitive level in their industry.


In its daily work with customers, DiTra constantly builds and develops a community of empathetic engineering teams and specialists, united by the desire to use increasingly better efficient technologies in cooperation with the company and with each other.


Since its inception, DiTra has maintained the closest relations with technical universities and schools. Its support is expressed in the delivery and maintenance of hundreds of educational CAD/CAM licenses, courses for teachers, several editions of its own textbooks, annual events and initiatives.