Software Development

The main activity of TechnoLogica „Software development“ line of business is the development of integrated information systems for business digitalisation. The most valuable asset оf the company is the united team of experts and young professionals who develop custom tailored software solutions and proprietary software products. More than 25 years our team successfully develops and implements functional solutions that meet our customers demands. TechnoLogica main priorities are the team members technological development and the effective project management with well established work processes in line with the world trends and best practices for software development.

Competences and technologies

TechnoLogica’s software development team is one of the largest and most experienced in Bulgaria. The solutions the team creates are based on established global standards and technologies.

The main tools, products and technologies in which the company’s team have professional expertise are:

  • Database: Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL;
  • Design: Oracle SQL Data Modeler, ERWIN, Enterprise Architect;
  • Development:
    • Java: Swing, JavaFX, Hibernate and related, J2EE/RS Jersey, Spring, JAXB, Metro and related, Java WEB Start, Servlet, JSP and related, Jasper;
    • .Net : WPF, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, EntityFramework, LINQ, WCF, WebAPI;
    •  Web SPA applications: Angular, React, Vue, Node.js and related.
  • DevOps: Microsoft Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Nexus, Trac, Git, SVN, Maven, Parasoft Jtest;
  • Oracle: XDB, APEX, Oracle Analytic Server, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Spatial;
  • MS SQL Server : Integration Services, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, PowerBI;
  • Mobile : Xamarin, Cordova, PhoneGap;
  • GIS : Intergraph, ESRI, Luciad, GeoServer, QGIS, INSPIRE;
  • SOA: Software AG webMethods.


Business digitalization

TechnoLogica has more than 25 years of experience in designing, developing, implementing and maintaining a variety of information systems – from applications that serve critical international projects to local enterprise solutions. Some of the information systems developed by TechnoLogica are related to NATO or EU requirements for Bulgaria and have passed the relevant certification. Many of the projects have been funded by European Union, the World Bank or US government funds.

Geographical information systems ( GIS )

TechnoLogica has over 20 years of experience in the design, development and maintenance of geographic information systems (GIS) and dozens of successfully implemented projects in this specific area of information technology. Our GIS experts have been involved in the implementation of specialized solutions of various types and purposes for different sectors of public administration and business, using different platforms and technologies. We have also developed our own multifunctional GIS product – TechnoLogica Internet Map Server (TIMS).

Satellite image processing

The TechnoLogica team has competences in the field of satellite image processing in various areas. The sensors uploaded on the optical satellite platforms detect the reflection not only in the visible light spectrum but also in the invisible spectrum. This makes them a great tool for monitoring the Earth’s surface, tracking changes due to various natural processes and analysing the components of the environment in order to protect it.

Data warehouses and business intelligence (DW & BI)

We know how to make information out of data.

Data is a valuable asset to any organization when it is used to extract information on how to change the business for the better. With data analytics systems, employees in an organization can discover deviations from normal or hidden dependencies on their own. With the knowledge gained about business process performance, they can make decisions to efficiently invest in new products and customers.

Business digitalization

Geographical information systems ( GIS )

Satellite image processing

Data warehouses and business intelligence (DW & BI)

Our advantages


Our experience in the development of complicated information systems of national scale and importance has been gained since 1994 until today. Each year we complete between six and eight information systems of corporate and national scale.


Commitment to innovation, commitment to the success of the project, together with the teams experience with cutting-edge technologies confirm TechnoLogica’s position as a preferred partner for software development.


Exceptional quality and high-performance systems are our vocation. The proof for this is the repeated assignment of projects by our satisfied customers, such as banks and financial institutions, government authorities and companies.


Company team members have extensive experience and expertise in the development of integrated information systems of different varieties: OLTP, Data Warehouse and BI, GIS. Many of the team members are certified Oracle and Microsoft professionals.


Customers goals and business processes are leading in the development of custom information systems and in the project management process. In order to transfer technological know-how to the customer it is a common practice to create joined teams with the customers’ experts in the course of the system development process.


The systems that we have created have long life and continuous development. We have software products that work for more than 20 years. The efficiency of these systems is guaranteed by their regular maintenance. We manage the changes and have version control, we keep the documentation up to date, we refresh our customer’s knowledge with courses, and provide video tutorials.

Телекомуникации и ютилити

Компаниите в този сектор се доверяват на нашите решения за управление на човешките
ресурси и на бизнес процеси.

Публичен сектор

ТехноЛогика е била винаги доверен партньор на изпълнителната власт в политиката по
въвеждане и разширяване на електронното управление.

Финансов сектор

От създаването си ТехноЛогика е доверен партньор в банковия сектор, както на
Българската народна банка, така и на 80 на сто от търговските банки.


Помагаме на българските предприятия да се възползват от предимствата на новите
технологии достатъчно навреме, за да получат предимство пред конкурентите си.

Ритейл компании

ТехноЛогика предлага работещи решения за технологична трансформация на сектора.


Публичен сектор

Финансов сектор


Ритейл компании

NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence would like to thank TechnoLogica EAD for their excellent cooperation in Locked Shields. In addition, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dimitar Radev for his valuable contribution in development of the Locked Shields and leading the Microsoft team, making Locked Shields the success that it was.

Mart Noorma

Director, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE)

The Integrated Information System for Water and Flood Risk Management on the territory of the Municipality of Burgas (IWRM) worked perfectly. This is the reason why there were no casualties on the territory of Burgas Municipality during the floods in October 2017. The system gave us an hour and a half earlier advance information, which enabled the teams on duty to get people out of the risk area on time.

Dimitar Nikolov

Mayor, Burgas Municipality

Thank you, the founders of the Central Register of Special Pledges, who have been committed to our common cause over the past 25 years and now, despite all the difficulties, continue to stand by us. You are our reliable IT support and have a special place in our hearts.

Natasha Boseva

Director, Central Register of Special Pledges

Many thanks to TechnoLogica for their work on the Judicial Status centralized automated information system. The team was extremely responsive and met all the new requirements we set, even if they were not included in the original order.

Mihail Aleksov

President, Pernik Regiona Court