Security solutions

For the security of the person, organization or society, work must be done holistically. A system is only as secure as its weakest link, and risks increase as complexity increases. The experience and expert team at TechnoLogica allows us to advise our clients on the most useful and most effective way to minimize potential risks and counter threats. We believe that proactive work and continuous preparation are the best guarantors of security.

TechnoLogica is constantly developing its team and competencies and enriching its portfolio of security solutions. The first main area is the development and offering of products and services aimed at physical security – crisis management, technological and technical support of decision-making processes, collection and analysis of large volumes of data. The second area is the information and communication sphere – protection of the operability, security and confidentiality of information and information and communication resources.

Competences and technologies

The key components of any security solution are technical solutions, operational technology and human resources.

TechnoLogica offers the following services:

  • Analysis of security needs and opportunities for improvement
  • Security analysis and assessment of existing systems, architectures and organizations
  • Design of security-related systems
  • Building customer-specific key components or complete security systems
  • Market research and determination of the most effective security solutions for the client in accordance with the defined tasks and financial framework
  • Delivery, installation, integration and support of security solutions
  • Investigating incidents or showing weaknesses in the operation of security systems
  • Trainings
  • Training and preparation of teams to perform security-related tasks
3D rendering. Abstract background concept of cyber security and attack, system crash.

TechnoLogica has proven competencies in the field of:

  • Cyber security solutions and services;
  • Solutions and services for cryptographic protection of sensitive information, including that classified as a state secret;
  • Management solutions for crises of a natural or man-made nature;
  • Decisions for command and control of forces and assets for both military conflicts and non-war missions;
  • Specific solutions in the field of nuclear, radiation, chemical and biological safety and protection.

Our advantages


The team is experienced in testing and detecting vulnerabilities in every single phase of the IS life cycle.

Knowledge of multiple areas and regulations

Implementation of regulations and international standards and requirements in the field of cyber security.

Appropriate products and technologies

Using MITER ATT&CK, OWASP, OSSTMM, SOAR, SIEM, PAM, DLP, NGF, WAF, NAC, Security Audit and other solutions.

integration experience

We provide the tools, techniques and advice to design a successful, integrated security system that anticipates future problems. We want our customers to understand that vulnerabilities of the past don’t have to compromise the networks of the future.

mission critical IS experience

The department has accumulated experience in auditing and verifying the information security of critical information infrastructures, through controlled penetration attempts, using internationally accepted methodologies and standards for critical information networks and systems.

Architectures and technologies

The provided security solutions comply with the following standards, architectures and technologies: ISO/IEC 27001, Open Security Architecture (OSA), Open Enterprise Security Architecture (O-ESA), EnterpriOpen Security Architecture, TLS/IPsec, COBIT framework, NIST Cybersecurity Framework , NIST SP 800-171, NIST SP 800-53, HITRUST Common Security Framework, CIS Controls.