We make IT work for you

TechnoLogica is one of the leading Bulgarian software companies, but our goal is to be the most reliable, not the largest. 

We love technology and are dedicated to it, as the name of our company suggests.

Our unique business model revolves around staying on the cutting edge of emerging technologies. By identifying the most promising advancements and investing in them ahead of the curve, we’re able to turn them into working solutions that provide real value to our clients.

For us, it’s not enough to simply master technology. Our true satisfaction comes from making it work for our clients and delivering tangible results.

Telecommunications and utilities

Companies in this sector rely on our human resource management solutions
HR and business process solutions.

Public sector

TechnoLogica has always been a trusted partner of the government in policy on implementation and expansion of e-government.

Financial sector

Since its inception, TechnoLogica has been a trusted partner in the banking sector, both of the Bulgarian National Bank as well as 80% of commercial banks.


Helping Bulgarian enterprises to benefit from the advantages of the new technologies early enough to have an edge over their competitors.

Retail companies

TechnoLogica offers workable solutions for the technological transformation of the sector.


Public sector

Financial sector


Retail companies


Ognian Trajanov, founder and owner of TechnoLogica and DiTra, was…

This is the opinion of Georgi Nozharov, Senior Human Resources…

The NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence thanked TechnoLogica…

Interview by Georgi Dukov, head of Security Solutions at TechnoLogica,…

In today’s technological world, the digitization of traditional administrative processes…

TechnoLogica is among the organizers of the largest cyber exercise…

For small and medium businesses

Looking for a suitable human capital management solution for your small or medium-sized business? Learn more about our cloud HR solution HeRMeS eXpress, offered as a subscription service.

Thank you, the founders of the Central Register of Special Pledges, who have been committed to our common cause over the past 25 years and now, despite all the difficulties, continue to stand by us. You are our reliable IT support and have a special place in our hearts.

Natasha Boseva

Director, Central Register of Special Pledges

HeRMeS fully meets our expectations, even exceeds them. The benefits we see every day in our work are immense, and we are happy to discover new opportunities that make our work easier with the help of your consultants. Thanks for the tireless work of your team despite the great challenge that our large structure with so many territorial structures has proved to be. It is our opinion that your team is made up of professionals who have an excellent knowledge of their field of work and have the ability to advise and guide the client in making management decisions.

Agency for Social Assistance

Years ago, our competitive advantage was the low cost of labor, and now it is the high quality of our production. We believe that what sets us apart today is innovation. Together with our partners at DiTra, TechnoLogica’s 3D solutions center, we have been able to automate much of the activity in the design department. We have increased productivity, reduced construction time. We shifted specialists who were performing routine operations to creative activities, which brought added value to our company.
In the face of DiTra we met a lot of professionalism, but the key thing is that we made one team. We were looking for like-minded people looking in the same direction, that’s how we found DiTra.
DiTra have integrity, seek high customer satisfaction and strive for excellence in their work.

Gergana Filipova

Business Development Director, Biomashin

Genpact is always looking to have vendors that can cover end-to-end processes and needs. We like to have a single vendor for the entire scope of payroll and administrative services. Technologica also met our IT and information security requirements which are some of the most demanding in the industry we operate in. What I personally like with the Technologica service is the communication. The company has assigned dedicated persons who know our needs and work with us all the time. HeRMeS is very user-friendly and intuitive, and gives our HR department a lot of efficiency to operate.

Georgi Nozharov

Senior HR manager, Genpact Bulgaria

We have been working with TechnoLogica since the beginning of 2021. We have chosen them as a partner for the development of a new business process management system. The TL team always found solutions to our problems. Invoicing with us used to take 12-14 hours, now it only takes 2 hours: the new system is many times more efficient than the old one.

Nikolay Apostolov

CEO of Sevlievogas 2000

The Integrated Information System for Water and Flood Risk Management on the territory of the Municipality of Burgas (IWRM) worked perfectly. This is the reason why there were no casualties on the territory of Burgas Municipality during the floods in October 2017. The system gave us an hour and a half earlier advance information, which enabled the teams on duty to get people out of the risk area on time.

Dimitar Nikolov

Mayor, Burgas Municipality

For me, working with SOLIDWORKS, and now with 3DEXPERIENCE, has always been a challenge and I’ve always seen it as a game. And it’s very important, like in a dodgeball, to pick strong teammates. In the face of DiTra – TechnoLogica’s 3D solutions center, I find very strong support, I accept them as a team with which we work together to achieve the best results.

Kristina Petkova

Technical Director of Elprom Harmanli

I think we have one of the best distribution channels in history, certainly number one in our industry. Most of our resellers have been with us since the beginning in 1995. DiTra is part of that family, being one of the first and most successful resellers in Eastern Europe.

Gian Paolo Bassi

Executive Vice-President, Dassault Systemes

Many thanks to TechnoLogica for their work on the Judicial Status centralized automated information system. The team was extremely responsive and met all the new requirements we set, even if they were not included in the original order.

Mihail Aleksov

President, Pernik Regiona Court

For years we have relied on the support of the team at DiTra, TechnoLogica’s 3D solutions centre, and this was one of the reasons we now turned to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. I know these people, I trust them, and I know that I will get a good quality of service.

Georgi Savov

Procurator of Elprom Harmanli

NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence would like to thank TechnoLogica EAD for their excellent cooperation in Locked Shields. In addition, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dimitar Radev for his valuable contribution in development of the Locked Shields and leading the Microsoft team, making Locked Shields the success that it was.

Mart Noorma

Director, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE)

We have been working hand in hand with DiTra for many years. Thanks to its manufacturing operations management system, process control is much better than the one with paper documents. There are no risks that someone will forget or miss something that would lead to a customer complaint. What’s more, we constantly monitor the condition of the machines and can plan maintenance. I more than appreciate working together with DiTra. I get a solution to every issue from them, as long as it’s not beyond physics.

Dako Lisichkov

Manager of FOXLASER