“It was easy and logical to choose TechnoLogica”

This is the opinion of Georgi Nozharov, Senior Human Resources Manager at Genpact Bulgaria, to Manager magazine

Genpact [NYSE: G] is a global professional services company with nearly 115 thousand employees operating in 30 countries and revenues of $4.37 billion in 2022. A few months ago, it set foot in Bulgaria and chose to use TechnoLogic’s employee compensation outsourcing services in combination with the HeRMeS HR system. How Genpact decided on an all-Bulgarian solution, we asked Georgi Nozharov, Senior HR Manager at Genpact Bulgaria. Prior to joining the global company’s team, Nozharov held HR management positions at international companies such as McDonalds, Ericsson and AT&T for 25 years.

Mr. Nozharov, tell us briefly about Genpact and its entry in Bulgaria. What will the team be doing here?

Genpact’s delivery center in Sofia, Bulgaria, will serve as a hub to deliver its Data-Tech-AI services and digital operations. We will leverage our deep process, domain and AI expertise to support numerous multinational companies in areas such as customer care, finance and accounting.

Two months ago, you selected TechnoLogica as the outsourced payroll service provider for Genpact employees in Bulgaria. Why did you decide to use this model rather than doing this activity with an in-house team?

There are many advantages to using a payroll outsourcing model compared to an in-house solution. Generally, a payroll provider brings expertise, drives efficiencies, and delivers a great employee experience – a result we as Genpact are always committed to achieving. I know Technologica for many years. In addition to the advantages I mentioned, they also understand the demands of a global company like Genpact, and offer great value with their IT platform.

What are the advantages of using a Bulgarian HR system in combination with an outsourced payroll service from the system vendor?

Genpact is always looking to have vendors that can cover end-to-end processes and needs. We like to have a single vendor for the entire scope of payroll and administrative services. Technologica also met our IT and information security requirements which are some of the most demanding in the industry we operate in.

What were your criteria for choosing a partner and how did TechnoLogica win your trust?

Technologica supports the entire payroll and administration process, and understands the demands of global companies like Genpact. It was an easy and logical decision to select them.

Did the team and the quality of the service meet your expectations?

In short: yes. The project team for Genpact was deployed very quickly and professionally. They managed to do it all in a very complex environment and to very challenging deadlines. What I personally like with the Technologica service is the communication. The company has assigned dedicated persons who know our needs and work with us all the time.

Do you have plans to expand your partnership with TechnoLogica?

Definitely yes. After we successfully introduced payroll and personal administration, we implemented their self-service application that allows employees to request vacations and all absences, track their teams and manage their time and attendance. The platform is very user-friendly and intuitive, and gives our HR department a lot of efficiency to operate.