Cybersecurity and cyberdefence

Cybersecurity is an aggregation of technologies, processes and practices, designed to protect networks, devices, applications and data from attacks, disruptions of integrity or unauthorised access. Cyberdefence, on the other side, is focused on prevention, detection and provisioning of timely response to attacks and threats in such a way that infrastructure and information is not disrupted. The team at TechnoLogica offers solutions in the cybersecurity field as well as expertise, mechanisms and procedures to assure cyberdefence.

Competences and technologies

The team at Technologica has extensive experience building and developing cybersecurity systems and expertise in vulnerability assessment, using those to perform penetration testing of various systems, software applications and database management systems. We help our clients in the deployment and usage of the security instruments they have acquired with the target of achieving effective cyber resilience of their information resources.


  • Penetration testing and security evaluation of information systems and networks
  • Audit and verification of already built security systems
  • Design and deployment of comprehensive or partial solutions for provisioning of cybersecurity to information and network resources
  • Risk analysis and evaluation
  • Trainings in the field of cybersecurity and cyber defence
  • Computer forensics
  • Vulnerability assessment of software applications and systems during different stages of their lifecycle
Digital background image with net attack idea

Comprehensive solutions