Our work is changing life in Bulgaria for the better

Our thirty-year history as a Bulgarian IT company abounds in innovation, key projects and solutions, recognition and awards that make us a reliable partner of businesses and governments alike, as well as a highly sought-after employer.

We implement exciting and diverse turn-key solutions for the benefit of society and the national economy. Together, we develop systems that save citizens millions of hours each year in obtaining certificates and reports, manage traffic flow, save lives when disaster strikes, monitor the stability of the banking system and enhance the competitiveness of domestic industries. We also proudly represent Bulgaria in international projects at NATO and EU level.  

The design and development of comprehensive information systems enables our teams to engage in their entire lifecycle — from business analysis, implementation, decision-making and development to maintenance, analysis, conclusions, and evolution. At TechnoLogica, we do not work on projects outsourced or contracted out by clients with whom we have not established a direct relationship, where professionals tend to sink into routine without gaining new knowledge or tackling professional challenges. Our specific know-how and experience in the financial sector enable us to provide on-site consultancy services to clients.

We are fully committed to the success of every project. We fight for the client, not the deal, and we value our reputation above profit. We will go the extra mile to ensure each of our systems is fully functional. Government projects are challenging, but we are proud that the systems developed by TechnoLogica have been in operation for a long time — some for more than 20 years.

Our mission is to develop end-to-end working solutions for society and businesses, transforming IT into a broad range of competitive advantages and facilitations. We take pride in our products and services, and proudly discuss them with friends and family. The greatest satisfaction comes from seeing how our work is changing lives in Bulgaria for the better.

An environment that makes you look forward to coming to work and feel glad over a job well done

Our team spirit and office environment set us truly apart from other IT companies. We have weathered tough crises without laying off colleagues because we feel and believe that each of us has intrinsic value. We are goal and results oriented, but for the management the team always comes first. The organizational culture at TechnoLogica is an adhocracy — leadership and decisions are made by the professionals responsible for the relevant activities at any given stage of the relevant project. Our core values are knowledge and creativity at team level.

Adherence to professional standards, continuous training and development, dedication to the project at hand, respect for clients and a drive to exceed their expectations are integral to our team and modus operandi. We value initiative and welcome innovation from each colleague. As our company name suggests, we are dedicated to new technologies — we monitor, select, and adopt ahead of the curve. But we never experiment with new and unproven technologies at client level. We test and master newly-developed products in-house.

Keeping track of all dynamically emerging new technologies is a challenge, but being part of a company with such a diverse portfolio as TechnoLogica is an excellent opportunity to specialize in specific technologies without losing sight of an extensive range of others.

We believe that hybrid working mode and flexible working hours promote good mental health, team spirit, successful teamwork, and a reasonable work life balance.

At TechnoLogica, we are a community — a big family that creates together and has fun together. Our in-house life is colourful and varied, ranging across sport initiatives, book nights and talent shows to chocolate tastings and aromatherapy.

Do you see yourself as one of us?

Our doors are always open to dedicated people who are curious and love a challenge. 38% of our colleagues have been with the company for more than 10 years and 47 % are women. Our average age is 40, which gives us the advantage of an age mix of experienced professionals with a wealth of experience and young people with potential and ambition to develop. We are looking for an innovative spirit to which we give ample space for creativity within a team.

First step: Internship

We established our internship programme in 1993 and in 2005 we launched the current model together with the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Sofia. The Ministry of Education and Science recognised and appreciated it, encouraging and funding in the first years its application to other courses and universities. Today it is widely adopted and used in the curricula of Bulgarian universities.

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