HeRMeS electronic employment record effectively transforms HR processes

In today’s technological world, the digitization of traditional administrative processes that used to be entirely paper-based is becoming more and more necessary.

At TechnoLogica, we are dedicated to building information systems that save businesses and citizens millions of hours of valuable time and millions of BGN by digitizing important administrative processes.

One of the most useful innovations that saves businesses tons of paperwork is the electronic employment record. It has already become one of the most preferred new functionalities of HeRMeS, TechnoLogica’s well-established human resource management information system that covers all operations related to employee planning, selection, evaluation, compensation and development.

The electronic employment record, which includes the creation, signing and storage of documents in fully digital form in a secure environment, is convenient, legal, cost-effective and flexible. Its benefits have already been realised by a number of large employers in Bulgaria who are using its features and have trusted the TechnoLogica team to undertake a complete digital transformation of their HR procedures.

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the first benefits of HeRMeS’ electronic employment record that HR professionals are noticing.

Employment contracts, supplemental agreements, leave orders, job descriptions, and various types of statements can be generated quickly and intuitively using pre-saved templates that also minimize the possibility of technical errors.

Next comes the signing, which is done entirely with a qualified electronic signature by the manager representing the employer. This can happen easily as HeRMeS runs both cloud e-signature providers. The system is fully integrated with BORICA and Eurotrust. The second provider also offers so-called server signing. Here, on a web-based platform, a manager can sign dozens or hundreds of documents in groups, which saves time especially in periods when, for example, all employees’ salaries are updated. Separately, when combining HeRMeS with a cloud-based qualified electronic signature, the document can also be authenticated from the manager’s mobile device, i.e. there is no longer a problem if he is working remotely or is in an important meeting outside the office and urgently needs to sign.

Employees also get the option to view their electronic documents in their Self-Service account and re-sign them with a cloud certificate if needed. For added security, HeRMeS offers various forms of two-factor authentication.

Storing, retrieving and updating information also becomes seamless as digital files are easily searchable and can be viewed from any physical location with the appropriate permission, accordingly quickly providing a variety of references as needed. HR experts no longer have to spend countless hours searching through paper documents, and the time saved can be allocated to more strategic tasks.

Costs are reduced for paper, for storing bulky folders and physically protecting them, and for courier services.
The electronic documents from the file in HeRMeS are also accessible to the employee in his Self-Service profile, where he can see the history of all his documentation.

Paper documents are prone to damage, loss or unauthorized access. By digitising employment records, companies can strengthen security measures and ensure compliance with data protection regulations, which are constantly changing at both national and European level.

Thanks to digitized personnel records in HeRMeS, HR professionals can analyze trends, identify patterns, and make important data-driven decisions. For example, they can discover where the units with high turnover or gaps in required skills are.