TechnoLogica is among the organizers of the largest cyber exercise in the world

TechnoLogica is among the organizers of the largest cyber exercise in the world, which is held in Estonia under the auspices of NATO. Dimiter Radev, Head of Information Security and Infrastructure at the Bulgarian software company, is part of the green team of the Locked Shields 2023 exercise in Tallinn, which involves 3,000 information security professionals from 38 countries. The Green Team is responsible for the infrastructure, creating the machines and attacks for the exercise.

The aim of the event is to enhance participants’ skills in protecting national IT systems and critical infrastructure against real-time attacks that happen almost every day in real life.

Our specialists have been from the red team, the blue team, and since last year, the green team. The red team simulates an attack and the blue team defends against it. As а team leader in the green team, TechnoLogica representative Dimitar Radev is responsible for the Microsoft technologies used in the exercise.The NATO Centre of Excellence in Estonia invites international experts from the military, government, academia and industry to its events to test their skills together to counter all current challenges in cyberspace. For Locked Shields 2023 alone, over 5,500 virtual systems have been created to simulate fully realistic hacker targets.

The exercise simulates a large-scale cyber incident and tests the teams’ ability to execute strategic decisions and solve cases of all kinds related to cyber warfare – including announcing cyber defence actions to the media. Incorporating the latest technologies and attack methods, Locked Shields 2023 provides the opportunity to exercise the best strategies to defend against modern threats.

The exercise is organised annually by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Estonia. Representatives of TechnoLogica traditionally participate in the LockedShields editions, as well as in the other similar exercise of the centre in Tallinn – Crossed Swords. TechnoLogica also participates in the Cyber Coalition exercise, which is organized by the NATO Military Committee.

Last year in Tallinn, at LockedShields 2022, a massive cyberattack was played out on an imaginary country, with the aim of taking over all the important systems – electricity distribution, the money transfer network of local banks, the 5G network, the radio communications of the local army. Then Dimitar Radev from TechnoLogica was again a team leader in the green team, responsible for creating and maintaining some of the virtual systems created for the exercise.

The TechnoLogica team also participated in the international cybersecurity competition Global CyberLympics, and ranked 7th in the world and 5th in Europe.