Management of employee training

With HeRMeS, managing employee training has never been easier. The platform provides a streamlined process for planning, organizing, and monitoring individual and group training plans, including sending personal invitations and tracking registered and attending employees.


The Training module automates the process of planning and implementing training courses, keeping track of already completed trainings, acquired skills, and certifications for each employee. It also enables easy monitoring of certificate expiration deadlines, supporting better planning of training and cost accounting, including analysis of the resources invested in employee development


The Mentoring module helps new employees familiarize themselves with their workflows and new positions. With the ability to quickly and easily register information about the induction activities of the preliminary mentoring plan, this module integrates with other HeRMeS modules, allowing companies to reward employees who mentor new hires.


With the respective Self-Service modules, managers can submit electronic proposals for creating individual or group training plans. Employees have access to the calendar with upcoming courses, allowing them to apply for participation in one of them, accept or reject electronic invitations, and register their attendance for training.

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