Management of the organisation and employees

Regardless of the type of your organization, business, size, and ownership, HeRMeS will offer you a completely new approach to managing organizational and functional structures, personal and official data of the people in the team. The system allows easy changes in the organizational structure that adapt to the dynamic business environment.


The Structures module is designed to build a functional organizational structure of business objects that provides smooth service to all HR processes. It includes features such as precise arrangement of different elements, administration of differentiated levels of employee remuneration, and established number of appointments for every position that also assist in restructuring activities.


The Personnel module covers a wide range of functions that regulate and manage the organization’s relationship with the employee from their appointment to their departure. To support users, the system maintains current nomenclatures with justifications, document templates, order books, exports with notifications, and in the employee’s dossier – personal and official information, with an unlimited number of attached documents.

Company assets allocation

With HeRMeS, whether we are talking about a new chair, computer, company car, or work clothes, you can easily track the allocated and distributed assets, their return and replacement period, and plan the next delivery and distribution. The Company Assets Allocation module provides an easy and convenient interface for visualizing and administering activities related to equipping and maintaining information about workstations, allocated and distributed company assets.


Self-Service modules allow employees to request services from the HR department and change their personal information, request the addition or change of additional benefits. Managers have continuous access to key data about people in their team, as well as the ability to participate in various steps of appointment processes, approval of overtime work and changes in working hours.

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