Assessment and development

Unlock the full potential of your employees with HeRMeS. Our assessment and development  tools allow you to automate and streamline your employee assessment and development processes. From setting goals to training plans and development opportunities, our module makes it easy to manage all aspects of employee growth.

Performance Management

Maximize the effectiveness of your employee performance assessments with HeRMeS. Our Performance Management module offers customizable assessment forms, comprehensive data storage, and streamlined calculation of final estimates. Compare the performance of individual employees and organizational units with ease.

Continuity and talents

Identify and develop your top talent with HeRMeS. Our Continuity and Talents module allows you to build career paths and individual development plans, rank employees according to their readiness for advancement, and identify suitable candidates for managerial positions.


Empower your employees with HeRMeS Self-Service modules. Our presentation management tools automate the evaluation and e-filing process, while continuous feedback and Talent Profiles give managers insight into their team’s strengths and potential.

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