Management of the processing of personal data

HeRMeS takes the security of employees’ personal data very seriously. With the highest security standards already in place, the system has now been updated to comply with the GDPR regulations. The system provides tools to manage roles and user profiles and to audit user actions, ensuring full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Consent management

The Consent management module formalizes and automates the procedures for obtaining and withdrawing consents from employees and applicants regarding the processing of their personal data. This allows you to create and store an unlimited number of document templates and define different storage periods for the data provided.

Data usage and portability

The Data usage and portability module simplifies tracking information about the use of employees’ personal data with standard reports and allows for automatic export of an employee’s personal data in a popular format, making it easier to provide to other interested parties.

Data deletion management and anonymisation

The data deletion management and anonymization module enables confident management of employees’ data by adjusting their retention periods and applying automatic procedures for archiving and deleting expired data. You can define categories of data, set an appropriate time for automatic processing, and include data anonymization before their final deletion. With HeRMeS, you can ensure that your organization remains compliant with all data protection regulations.

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