Integrated data exchange with other business systems

HeRMeS is your one-stop solution for HR management, and our integrated data exchange feature is just one example of our commitment to delivering unparalleled functionality. Our open system easily integrates with other business systems such as ERP, accounting, access control, e-learning, and Active Directory, ensuring timely delivery of important information without delay or additional resources. Say goodbye to the risk of technical errors when entering data manually, and trust in our seamless integration to streamline your HR management processes.

Integration with access control system

Control employee access with ease through HeRMeS’ integrated access control module. Our software performs automatic transfer and validation of data from the access control system used in your organization. With detailed analysis of staff movements through internal and external access portals, regulated management, and unauthorized entry tracking, you’ll have full control of employee access in real-time. Forget about the hassle of manually tracking employee movement, and embrace our seamless integration to streamline your HR processes.

Integration with Active Directory

HeRMeS’ integration with Microsoft Active Directory simplifies the creation, disabling, and updating of data for current users in Active Directory. Our predefined algorithm generates usernames, email addresses, and initial passwords for newly recruited employees, which is automatically submitted to MS AD, where an administrator determines their respective access rights to company systems. With our seamless integration, you can trust that your employee data is always up-to-date and accurate.

User management in Active Directory 

Optimize your HR processes with our user management module in Microsoft’s Active Directory. HeRMeS acts as your leading personal data system, allowing for easy creation of new users, disabling of existing users, and updating data for current users. With our synchronization feature, employee data between the two systems is kept accurate and up-to-date, reducing the risk of errors and omissions.

Automatic reading of data from

Discover the revolutionary function of HeRMeS that saves you time and effort in recruiting! With our innovative system, you can automatically read and extract application archives from for all your vacancies listed on the platform. Once a recruiter registers their corporate email on, they can easily receive application letters, resumes, and questionnaires. Our cutting-edge technology recognizes the sender, reads the files, and automatically creates a complete application for the corresponding vacancy. With just a few clicks, you’ll have access to all the necessary information, including name, email, photo, CV, motivation letter, and certificates. But that’s not all – HeRMeS can also read and write answers to predefined surveys on the job board site, such as Based on the responses, the system sorts applications into four different groups, streamlining the selection process and allowing your selection specialists to focus on the most promising candidates.


Communication is key to any successful HR process, and HeRMeS’ communication module ensures seamless communication between your HR team and employees. Generate email messages to one or more recipients upon the occurrence of a specified event in HeRMeS or after a user selection. Our rich set of fields, such as employee names, organizational units, positions, and dates, allows for personalized and efficient communication with your team.

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