Digital employee dossier

With HeRMeS Digital Employee File, you can streamline your HR document management and simplify your workflow. Say goodbye to the hassle of printing, signing, and scanning documents – our electronic signature feature allows you to sign and store all your HR documents in one secure location. Our system ensures compliance with legal requirements and guarantees the authenticity and integrity of your electronically signed documents. Experience the convenience and efficiency of a paperless HR process with HeRMeS.

Archive of electronic documents

Our Archive of electronic documents is the perfect solution for companies seeking a modern, efficient and secure way to manage HR documents. Here, you can store all your electronically signed documents in one central location, accessible from anywhere at any time. The module provides robust security features, ensuring your HR documents are protected from unauthorized access. Additionally, you can easily search and retrieve signed documents, streamlining your HR services and saving valuable time.

Electronic signature

Experience the convenience and security of electronic signatures with our integration with authentication service providers Borika and Evrotrust. Choose from a range of signing methods for employers, including the trusted Qualified Electronic Signature (KEP) from Borika, or the cloud qualified electronic signature (OKEP) from both Borika and Evrotrust. Employees can also sign using either KEP or OKEP, ensuring a smooth and efficient signing process. Join the electronic signature revolution today with our cutting-edge signature solutions.


Our secure and user-friendly Self-Service access ensures that all employees have convenient access to their own HR or their subordinate’s information and can stay informed about their career with ease.

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