Selection of the most suitable candidates

Finding the right candidate for your company just got easier with HeRMeS.
Our efficient selection modulehelps you identify, screen, and select the most suitable candidate for the position – starting form identification and request by a vacancy manager, loading and systematisation of the applications received, screening and selection, planning interviews, to the preparation of job offers and hiring new employees. All this with instant Self-Service access for the participants in the process.


In the module, you will plan and coordinate the necessary activities and steps for each individual position in order to organise the optimal process of selecting the most suitable candidate and appointment to your organisation. Integration with your career page, automatic reading of personal data and sending feedback letters to candidates make the module an indispensable assistant to any recruiter.


Self-Service modules will save you time and effort to coordinate the selection process by providing you with a reliable data exchange channel with all participants. Employees can see the current vacancies in the organisation, managers — to declare need for a new selection, evaluate a candidate and to coordinate internally the job offer to the most suitable one.

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