Payment structures

With HeRMeS, you can create custom pay models that align with your organization’s business goals and activities. Securely and accurately process multiple payments over the month, complex bonus and commission systems, provision calculations and recalculations, and generate all necessary reports and documents.

Remuneration and payments

Our module helps you structure individual employee remuneration and automate salary calculations, all while generating required reports and documents in accordance with Bulgarian labor laws. Our interface also allows for easy communication with banking and financial systems.

Incentives and commissions

HeRMeS simplifies the process of financial incentives for employees by automating complex calculations and data analysis from external systems. Our module allows you to easily compare results against set objectives and determine employee remuneration based on performance.


The Budgets module provides a flexible tool for planning and monitoring staff salary costs. Our module allows managers to validate and edit automatically generated proposals for expected employee costs that are stored as budget versions. Additionally, we provide comparison of planned to real expenditure and the ability to revise the plan in new budget versions.


Our Self-Service modules provide easy access for employees to review their past month’s pay, as well as their entire pay history. Managers can also actively participate in the formation of flexible pay for their team.

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