Management of working time

With HeRMeS, you have complete control over your employees’ working. Our innovative software provides you with everything you need to manage your employees’ working hours. From tracking hospital and vacation time to managing business trips and flexible working hours, our integrated Self-Service modules provide an efficient channel for requesting, approving and managing employee absences.

Schedules and shifts

Efficiently manage your workforce with our Schedules and Shifts module. This intuitive tool provides an easy-to-use interface for scheduling and tracking employee hours. Monitor overtime, night shifts, regulatory requirements, remuneration, and compensation for both shift and non-shift workers with ease.


Simplify the process of administering paid, unpaid, and sick leave with our Absences module. This reliable tool automatically calculates entitlement days, generates individual or group orders, and accurately tracks the use of leave days. Export sick-leave NSSI report for payment of compensation for temporary incapacity with just a few clicks.

Business trips

Streamline the management of domestic and international business travel with our Business Trips module. Keep track of employee missions with detailed information about their purpose, duration, and transportation means. This module provides a complete history of staff missions, making it easier to manage resources and costs.


Digitize your work environment with our Self-Service modules for working time management. With a single, reliable portal for planning, requesting, approving, and reporting absences, schedules, missions, and changes to working hours, employees and managers can easily exchange information, streamlining your administrative processes. Discover the power of complete control with HeRMeS today.

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