DiTra presented its software solutions at 2022 Robotics Strategy Forum

At the 2022 Robotics Strategy Forum in Sofia Tech Park, the DiTra team presented the company’s proprietary software solutions for Bulgarian manufacturing companies.

Petar Simov, Marketing and Sales Expert at TechnoLogica’s 3D Solution Center, participated in the discussion on the industrial technologies applied in Bulgaria and talked about DiTra’s proprietary solutions that completely eliminate paper and boost production process optimisation. For example, the system for integrated management of production operations that is currently being developed includes modules for production monitoring, control of equipment use efficiency, quality control, inventory management, monitoring daily processes in production areas and balancing the load on production facilities.

Companies that invest in high-tech are much more competitive in the job market. Young people prefer to work for high-tech companies. Bulgarian enterprises have long used separate applications for overall production control and innovation at a very high level, so I believe that now is the time to proceed with the implementation of a single platform that will monitor all processes, further improving the overall efficiency of processes across the enterprise, Petar Simov said. He also talked about DiTra’s software products for 3D engineering design, virtual simulation of the production environment and robotic milling, which reduce unnecessary machine downtime and lower production costs.

The Minister for Innovation and Growth Alexander Pulev was one of the first visitors at the stand of DiTra at the 2022 Robotics Strategy Forum, where the Director of 3D Solutions of TechnoLogica Tsvetan Stoyanov introduced him to the possibilities and application of portable scanners that we offer for quality control of manufactured products. They can scan 1.3 million points per second on objects up to 4 meters in size and therefore have a broad range of applications in various manufacturing sectors, including the automotive industry.

Pulev and Stoyanov noted that there is a great deal of interest in the first open call under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan — Technological Modernisation, including projects for the purchase of scanners to support production processes.

During the forum, executives from various companies discussed how robotics and cloud solutions are increasingly becoming a feature of manufacturing in Bulgaria, and as a long-time reseller of high-end 3D printers, the DiTra team shared that the devices are no longer used only for prototyping, but also for direct production of parts to be integrated in the final product.