700 applicants for TechnoLogica’s traditional internship program

Twenty talented young people were selected to participate in TechnoLogica’s internship program in a competition among 700 applicants. Even in the face of a pandemic over the past two years, the Bulgarian software firm continues its 25-year tradition of investing in Bulgaria’s future IT professionals. The program enjoys great interest from students every year due to the proven benefits and results for those who go through it.

‘I created the company to preserve the pooled know-how and capacity of my colleagues who are all proven specialists when times were difficult and, at the next stage, this goal evolved into the larger and noble mission — to create a school for professionals’, Ognyan Trayanov, CEO of TechnoLogica, explains.

After receiving specialist training in selected technologies during the first weeks, trainees start working with support and guidance from their mentors. They manage the young people’s customized programmes and involve them in real projects with care and professionalism, without compromising their performance. The young IT professionals participate as full members of the teams, not only in implementation but also in the decision-making process, having knowledge of other alternatives and the reasons why a particular solution was chosen. Once again, this year TechnoLogica’s interns represent 10% of the company’s professionals. At the end of their internship , some of them will be offered a permanent job aligned with their university program to enable them to complete their studies. Christian Gerilovsky, a participant in the 2020 program, shared with the new interns his impressions and reasons for choosing a career at TechnoLogica:

‘It is incomparable to work in a team of professionals from whom you can seek help or problem-solving advice at any time. Interesting projects, the opportunity to develop and use modern technologies are just some of the advantages of the company. I am fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded people, we share common interests and a passion for programming.’

TechnoLogica established its internship program in 1993 and, in 2005, launched the current model in cooperation with the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia University. The Ministry of Education and Science recognized and appreciated it, motivating and financing in the first years its application for other specialties and universities. Today, it is widely adopted and used in the curricula of Bulgarian universities.