The new Schedules and shifts and Business trips modules in HeRMeS eXpress were presented before HR Industry representatives and at a specialist workshop

The most effective Bulgarian cloud-based software solution for human resources management HeRMeS eXpress from TechnoLogica now features two new modules — Schedules and shifts and Business trips — for small and medium-sized enterprises. These were presented as part of the HR Industry exhibition on 9 February 2023 and at a specialist workshop on Current challenges in employee time and attendance, which took place on 16 February 2023.

The Schedules and shifts module is a flexible tool for managers that can be used for planning and reporting on employees’ schedules in accordance with national law, with the possibility to generate work schedules for one calendar year ahead.

The new functionality features a range of templates and allows an individual or team schedule to be copied and applied to another employee or an entire unit. Employees and managers can view schedules directly on their smartphones. There is a possibility to check the normal and actual hours reported by each member of staff at any time.

The Business trips module allows the HR professional to request, approve and report expenses for all business travel quickly and intuitively. Orders are automatically generated for business trips, and a company car or travel ticket can be requested through the system. At the end of each trip, an amount is quickly generated to pay the employee or to reimburse them, saving valuable time not only for the department that handles personnel matters, but also for the financial unit that processes expense documents across the enterprise.

We are also about to launch the Payroll and Electronic Casefile modules, which will provide small and medium-sized enterprises with the full range of HR services within a single system. Currently, HeRMeS eXpress can be used to manage recruitment processes, attendance and absence reporting (including sick leave), teleworking, task planning and reporting, training and performance appraisal. Convenient self-service features allow employees to submit various requests and receive approval from their supervisors on their own quickly even from their mobile phone.

The intuitive interface of the HeRMeS eXpress HR management software makes it possible to start using it immediately, without time and resources being necessary for training and implementation. It is a cloud-based solution that requires no additional investment in licenses, hardware and data storage on the part of the customer. You can learn more about it on the HeRMeS eXpress website.