Ognian Trajanov: Being a leader means leading when times are tough and taking a step back when success comes

This is what it means to be a leader — to lead when times are tough, to be ahead, and step back when success comes and let those who follow you enjoy it. This is what Ognian Trajanov, the CEO of TechnoLogica and Chairman of the Bulgarian Network of the UN Global Compact said at the international Leaders Forum. The two-day digital meeting, organised by the UN Global Compact, brought together representatives of responsible businesses and organisations from all parts of the world.

The Bulgarian perspective was presented for the second consecutive year in the separate discussion panel Strategic Partnerships for Sustainability, Impact and Trust. The focus of the meeting was on current issues recognized as being particularly important by the Bulgarian network and responsible businesses, the collective action we can take to address them, and most importantly, finding the necessary partners in order to ensure that an optimal outcome is achieved for the benefit of all society.

The participants in the panel included Associate Professor Atanas Georgiev, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia, Evgenia Peeva-Kirova, Deputy Minister for Education and Science and Elitsa Barakova, Executive Director of the BCause Foundation. The discussion was moderated by Hristo Nikolov, a journalist from Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

It is certainly extremely important for businesses and institutions to cooperate, listen to each other and help each other in addressing current short-term, but also long-term challenges, Evgenia Peeva-Kirova, Deputy Minister for Education and Science, said.

Elitsa Barakova, Executive Director of the BCause Foundation added: We have the infrastructure to bring about change and we are already an EU Member State with a strong civil society, despite its chronic underfunding and muscle flexing, volunteering and philanthropy in our sector. I’m proud of it… We go into partnership with our assets, but we come out richer, having learned something together from each other.

A business department cannot operate unless it has a direct link to businesses, because we do not want our students to just have a degree in something, but we want to know that they will be successful, they will come back as our Alumni, they will share their experience with the next generation and will thus add even more value to society… It is the robustness of the relationship between current undergraduates, graduates and businesses that ensures the sustainability of other projects and initiatives, Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev said in conclusion. The entire discussion is available here: https://tinyurl.com/4bnrdyat