How Ognian Trajanov turned TechnoLogica into one of the largest IT companies in Bulgaria

Photograph: Dilyan Markov

I want to have the freedom to say what my conscience tells me is right, regardless of whether it will lead to profit, Ognian Trajanov, founder and CEO of TechnoLogica, said in an interview for Forbes Bulgaria.

He tells the story of the company from the adoption of Decree 56 to becoming one of the most reliable IT companies in Bulgaria. Educate to generate demand, do not wait for customers to seek you out, has been Trayanov’s strategy over the years. Every entrepreneur must have the eyes to see an opportunity. But unlike those who only see a vacant niche, I had a vision and a mission — to develop TechnoLogica, he says about his path to success.

We want to be a Bulgarian company. This does not mean that we want to operate only on the Bulgarian market, says the CEO of TechnoLogica. He plans to expand on foreign markets directly, using the SaaS model. This is why he invested in the cloud-based HR management solution for small and medium-sized businesses HeRMeS eXpress, which was launched in 2019.

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