TechnoLogica offers a modern information system for the management of business processes in the field of natural gas trading, which is carried out by gas distribution companies on the territory of 173 municipalities in the country.

The system is designed to significantly improve the operational efficiency of distribution and supply companies tailored to their specific needs. This comprehensive solution automates all key business processes within the company: from connection applications, contracting for natural gas supply, meter movement management, consumption metering, web application for billers, billing, payments, penalties, receivables management, service shutdown notifications and much more, so as to provide the necessary flexibility, cost-effectiveness and market relevance of the company to the dynamic environment of natural gas sales. Online integration with EasyPay, ePay, for real-time payment of invoices by customers, as well as data exchange with Bulgarian Excise Centralized Information System (BACIS), banks, accounting system has been implemented.