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The “19th Meeting of the friends of DiTra” Took Place

14 Jun 2018
The nineteenth meeting of the friends of DiTra passed under the motto “We support the talent of Bulgarian engineers”. The largest event in the field of CAD/CAM and 3D solutions took place in the period 8-10 June in Bansko and brought together over 150 participants from different industries, trainers and students. This year’s special guest was Gian Paolo Bassi, Executive Director of DS SolidWorks Corp., who visited Bulgaria for the first time. He shared his high appreciation of DiTra, the CAD/CAM Center of TechnoLogica, for the achievements as a SOLIDWORKS representative for the past 20 years.

Mr. Bassi and Mr. Ognian Trayanov, Executive Director of TechnoLogica, opened the event with presentations, dedicated to The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), which is characterized not only by automation of production but also by the customers’ experience. This is the so-called personalization that is present in education, health and other spheres of life.

“Europe has been and should remain the center of industrial automation. Buy, bet and invest in machines, use smart devices only when they really follow European standards”, was Mr. Trajanov’s advice to the participants.

For Gian Paolo Bassi Industry 4.0 is kind of a Renaissance: “We see for the first time that innovations are made for people. We want to help them to be more innovative and to focus on their imagination. The mission of SOLIDWORKS is to inspire innovation”.

At a parallel meeting in the span of two hours, directors and business owners discussed with Gian Paolo Bassi the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS software for improving productivity and production efficiency, as well as the company’s vision for the development and implementation of the software in the era of The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Another element that distinguished the “19th Meeting of the friends of DiTra” was the exhibition of high-tech products designed with SOLIDWORKS by clients of the CAD/CAM center of TechnoLogica. Milara International presented a specialized manufactured robot, Niki Rotor Aviation – an innovative Kallithea gyroplane, and the students from Technical University-Sofia (TU-Sofia), Formula Student participants – a formula racecar. The DiTra team completed the product range with a Stratasys 3D printer and a Creaform 3D scanner. The emotion of being able to meet such class products, designed in Bulgaria, touched everyone and gave rise to many conversations, discussions, plans for the future and many pictures.

Traditionally the conference program included presentations from clients who shared their experience, and the experts of DiTra presented the latest innovations form SOLIDWORKS, CAMWorks, Creaform, Stratasys, FeatureCAM and Power Mill in an attractive way. Dimitar Yanchev, Managing Director of Aiger Engineering, shared his vision for the future and the challenges for the engineers. He also received the “All Contribution” award for the advent and use of SOLIDWORKS in Bulgaria.

“We are the young engineers of Bulgaria, we are the best opportunity for future employees”. The captain and deputy captain of the TU-Sofia team in the Formula Student competition began their presentation with these words. They explained how the formula racecar was designed and created and made its first demonstration “live” for the participants in the event.

DiTra’s annual awards went to Milara International – “Complexity”, Niki Rotor Aviation – “Innovation”, CODKEY Technologies – “Technology” and AQ Magnit – “Sequence”.

In the traditional Model Mania competition for the best SOLIDWORKS masters, the first place was claimed by the several times winner Alexander Yordanov, who advised the participants to “draw more”. The second place was awarded to Nikolay Todorov from Milara International, and the third –to Velin Kostadinov form AIGER Engineering.
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